The Silver Arrows, Rules of Conduct, Recruitment

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SAC Alert The Silver Arrows, Rules of Conduct, Recruitment

Post by Trinity_ on Mon 27 May 2013 - 11:04

The Silver Arrows
The Silver Arrows Clan is dedicated to reaching the highest level of competitiveness and to make a positive impact on the Crossfire community.

History, mission and leadership
The SA Clan has been commissioned by the Alliance Star Fleet (ASF) following the Second Nomad War to support The Order in its duties of defending Sirius against Aliens, and additionally to explore the depth of space outside the Sirius Sector to find and adapt technology that will help mankind's defense against any threats roaming in the galaxy. We in the past followed mercenary and also police path as The Order needed to fulfill its objectives of ensuring the defense of the people in Sirius.

At present besides our outer space adventures, we stand ready to help maintain balance in human space as a MERCENARY organization. Our main goals are keep order and defend mankind against alienís threats. We're also ready to give a hand to the ASF anytime they need to counter attacks from the Confederated Strike Forces (CSF).

The Clan Founder is Fleet-Admiral Sam Thomas (ARROW).
The Clan Leader (CL) is Rear-Admiral Hanzo Hasashi (SCORPION) (Send PM).

The Alliance Star Fleet
The clan participates in the server role-play ďASF vs. CSFĒ. We fly under the banner of the Alliance Star Fleet to help them establish their supremacy against the Confederated Strike Forces. For more info about this special server role-play, please visit SWAT-PORTAL SA members need to be trained in PvP before receiving their license and being able to participate actively in battles.

If your interest is tickled, please continue read post below.

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SAC Alert Rules of Conduct

Post by Trinity_ on Mon 27 May 2013 - 11:04

The Silver Arrows, Rules of Conduct, Recruitment _sac11

As Mercenaries we can take on contracts from any pilot in space, be it a Freelancer or a Pirate, a Police officer or a Smuggler. If the price is right, everything is achievable. The jobs range from escort missions, scouting, to full assault on enemy forces. Selling information is also a part of the job. Our main job is bounty hunting. When someones death is wanted, and money is placed to ensure it, we move in to take the job. If another mercenary is trying to steal your job, you are, by rules, free to destroy both of them.

To assure that our members have maximum fun during their time in space we have prepared some Rules of Conduct. They are focused on fair play and should offer more fun not only for us, but also for those with who we interact with in space.

  • Server rules: ALL SA members must know and obey the official SERVER RULES!

  • RP license: ALL member ships need to be equipped with a proper RP license (Mercenary) - NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Jobs (hunt): †Members are allowed to switch to any combat ship closer to the pilot which is under bounty. If such pilot decides to run and a HUNT begins, members are FORBIDDEN to switch to another combat ship to gain position advantage. Play hard, but fair!

  • Bounties: Bounties should be used as RP trigger and not for harassment of players.

  • Contracts: Members can use (and it is recommended to do it regularly) mercenary services for support in their operations.

  • Reloading: Use of nanobots and shield batteries during a PvP engagement is PROHIBITED!
    In case of a mistake, members have to immediately cut their engines, let their ship be destroyed and immediately apologize to the opponent. It is allowed to reload for PvE.

  • Other Clanís Home systems: Members must respect the sovereignty and rules of other factions in their own territory. Members may not take action at all in another clanís system without owners or SACís authorization. As a mark of respect and courtesy, members should always warn a system owner that they are about to enter their territory even if the access is already granted.

  • Clan Treaties: Members have to work for the best interest of our treaties and alliances with other factions. Terms of each treaty or alliance must be known by each member and respected at ALL TIMES. Defending other clans home systems (Defense agreement treaty) have Top priority.

All details about our clan are described in our clan Book "Silver Arrows" (attached for download below).

If what you read catches your interest and you now wish to join the Silver Arrows, please read next post.

The Silver Arrows, Rules of Conduct, Recruitment Attachment
Silver Arrows.pdf Revision from 2014-07-07(1.6 Mb) Downloaded 19 times

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SAC Alert Recruitment

Post by Trinity_ on Mon 27 May 2013 - 11:08

The Silver Arrows, Rules of Conduct, Recruitment Sac_de11
Welcome pilot,

Here you can find information about our clanís RECRUITMENT PROCEDURE which you need to pass to become a full member of the Silver Arrows Clan.

Applicant must post an application on the forum in the Recruitment Office section. The standard format of the application is specified below. Few requirements must be met first of all:

  • Have a reasonable experience of the Crossfire Universe (min. 20 hours on Crossfire MP).
  • Have a good team spirit and be willing to take part in group efforts.
  • Have discipline, maturity and sense of responsibilities.
  • Have basic knowledge of Multiplayer chat channels and understandable written English.
  • Agree to Clan internal rules (Rules of conduct) and concepts.

A Staff Officer (SO) will shortly reply to the applicant and either grant or deny the application request, judging by the provided information. If the applicant looks interesting, he/she will be granted the title of Recruit and his/her skills will be evaluated by SO in space. The applicant will have up to 2 weeks to satisfy SO with his/her skills, and therefore pass Recruitment successfully, or his/her application will be automatically canceled. It is the duty of every SO to evaluate during recruitment whether the applicant is ready for life in our clan as a mercenary!

Recruitment has two main goals: First is to assure that recruit fully understands Crossfire role-play and that he know HIS position in the role-play itself. Recruitment should be (simple to say) a corner stone for all of the recruits future actions in space as a clan member. He should be able to correctly interact with others pilots (in role-play) and develop his own personal ways how to fully enjoy time spent in space as a mercenary flying under our flag.


Application: To fill in an application, copy the template fields below to a new topic that you'll name "Application - Your name". Wait for a Staff Officer to review your post once you're done !

Here are the fields you must copy and fill :
Character Name :
Requested Callsign :
Location :
Desired activity :
Freelancer background :

Definitions of the fields :
Character Full Name is a virtual name for your RP character. It has to figure a first and last name (middle n. is accepted too).
Requested Callsign is the nickname that will be used to identify your character in our clan.
Location is for determining your timezone and play schedule.
Desired activity is what you wish to do in the clan. It can be Trader, Explorer, Defender, Patroller, Trainer, Miner or else.
Freelancer background is a short summary of your experience, with mods or not. The more you put in here, the better your chances are for us to get the best picture of you.

Here is full example to help you:
Character Full Name : Sam Thomas
Requested Callsign : ARROW
Location : Canada, Eastern Time Zone UTC-0500
Desired activity : Anything
Freelancer background : Played vanilla SP many times, vanilla MP as well as Nomad Evolutions II, COGS, East Coast Server, a very little bit of Freeworlds, a good experience in CF too. Played in clans before and often took second officer role and some times leader as well. In Crossfire MP spent more as 100 hours.

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SAC Alert Re: The Silver Arrows, Rules of Conduct, Recruitment

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